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The Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni Chapter


Chapter Polemarch:​

Claude E. Gatlin, Jr.


2022-2023 Chapter Officers and Leaders

Leo Brown Kappa Headshot.jpg
Vice Polemarch
Leo Brown
Keeper of Records
Carey Gaines
Headshot- Larry Jackson.JPG
Keeper of Exchequer
Larry Jackson
Headshot- Antonio Sewell.jpeg
Headshot Donald Perkins.JPG
Headshot- Dameous Little.jpg
Keith Ramsey
Headshot- Greg Gardner.jpg
Guide Right
Greg Gardner
Lt. Strategus
Antonio Sewell
Sr Kappa Affairs
Dennis Famble
Board Member
Dexter Brown
Keith Ramsey
Board MemberDonald Perkins
Roderick Robinson
Board Member
Dameous Little
Headshot- Antonio Sewell.jpeg
Community Affairs
Antonio Sewell

Chapter History

On February 14, 2003, the Grand Board of Directors established and approved the charter for the Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni Chapter (SJAC).

On April 12, 2003, a chartering program was held in Stockbridge at Sydney’s restaurant.  Brother Leaks presented the Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni Chapter with its official charter.  Also in attendance was Brother Spencer Bruce from International Headquarters. 


The (10) charter members are:

Jeffrey D. Dinkins, Sr., Willie E. Hopkins, John L. Stewart, Jr., Samuel T. King, Anthony (Tony) Williams, Garland Salem, Christopher B. Chachere, Keith Hughes, Jeffrey Reeves, Derrick Jenkins

The idea of a Kappa Alpha Psi Alumni Chapter in the Stockbridge area is contributed to the rapid growth of African-Americans into the area.  It was obvious that an African American Greek Letter Organization was needed to meet the needs of the growing population in North Henry County.  On September 17, 2002, Brother Jeffrey D. Dinkins, Sr. called Kappa IHQ and spoke to Brother Spencer Bruce.  Per that conversation, Brother Bruce instructed Brother Dinkins to call Southeastern Province Polemarch Chester Leaks to inquire about the possibility of chartering a chapter.  Also, Brother Bruce faxed Brother Dinkins a listing of Brothers that lived south of Atlanta’s airport.  Brother Dinkins called Brother Leaks on the night of September 17, 2002 and they spoke of the great need of establishing a chapter in Stockbridge, Georgia.  Brother Leaks suggested contacting Brothers via mail to determine if others were interested.  Brother Dinkins constructed a letter and Brother Christopher B. Chachere assisted with the mailing.  Per the mailing Brother Willie E. Hopkins was the first to respond.  He came to the home of Brother Dinkins to express his interest in potentially chartering a chapter.  Shortly afterwards, Brother John L. Stewart, Jr., also contacted Brother Dinkins to share his support.  On November 10, 2002, a meeting was held in the basement of Brother Dinkins home.  There were approximately twenty (20) Brothers in attendance.  During the meeting, Brother Samuel T. King (then Assistant Superintendent of Clayton County Schools) suggested adding the city of Jonesboro to the charter. He stressed the need for mentoring and effective programming in the Jonesboro area.  As a result of the close proximity, the brothers all thought that was a good idea.  On January 18, 2003, Brother Dinkins and Brother Hopkins met with Brother Leaks at the Atlanta Airport Marriott to deliver the documentation and fees to petition for a charter. The dream became a reality and today the journey continues…

Past Chapter Polemarchs:

  • Jeffrey D. Dinkins, Sr. (2003-2007)

  • Willie E. Hopkins (2007-2011)

  • Clarence J. Boone, II (2011-2013)

  • Demetrious J. Blackmon, MD (2013-2017)

  • Benny Harris (2017-2021)

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