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SJAC Kappa League

Kappa League is a main component of the Guide Right program. If you are interested in joining the SJAC Kappa League Program please contact by email the Director Mr. Greg Gardner at: or by completing the form below.

The primary purpose of the Kappa Leadership Institute is to help the students of the Kappa League achieve worthy goals and become constructive contributors to their communities by developing their leadership skills while monitoring, encouraging, enhancing, and rewarding their outstanding academic performance.

Embracing the motto: "Breaking Average" all students in the Kappa League are a variety of age young men who are adamant about the fact that they plan to attend college and will pursue a professional career that will be rewarding and vital to their community.

As a Kappa Leaguer, each student must aim to maintain a 3.2 unweighted G.P.A. per academic quarter, participate in monthly training meetings, complete 40 hours of community service work per/year, attend required college tours, and cultural events and conduct an annual three day Kappa League Conference. Each student is required to chart his academic course of study, prepare a profile of his career, write an autobiography, and organize his procedures for post-high school education. Each student is also required to be exemplary in each area of the “Kappa League Phases” which denotes good leadership characteristics.



As the college admissions process becomes increasingly more competitive, colleges are placing value on more than numbers (GPA and test scores) but are reviewing applications from a holistic approach. A particular emphasis and value is being placed on students’ leadership qualities and leadership involvement.  This trend extends beyond colleges but exists with employers, foundations, and agencies. As men of Stockbridge Jonesboro Alumni and Esteem members of Kappa Alpha Psi we make sure each young man in our program strives to ensure that they are provided with cutting-edge programming that will best prepare them for success in their personal and professional lives.

The leadership development initiatives of our program are necessary to better prepare our students to see themselves as leaders and embrace leadership opportunities and roles with confidence.  We know that our students will develop the necessary tools to affect change in their lives and the lives of others.

Through leadership-oriented activities, the student officers and students of the Kappa League are afforded tremendous opportunities to access quality educational institutions and are exposed to a diverse group of business professionals.  These social, cultural and educational resources position our students to stand out amongst their peers as leaders and make a more powerful impact in their communities.  Students at the Elite SJAC Kappa League perform projects that expose them to planning, execution, and reporting of ideas that simulate good leadership characteristics designed to raise their aspiration levels.​​

All Kappa Leaguers are exposed to politics through Kappa League, local, state, and national elections. Kappa Leaguers experience career advancement techniques through several application, interview, and self-sell practice events. They practice good conduct of fair play in sports and gain the art of sophisticated, competitive participation in simulated areas that affect their lives. Each Kappa League student is exposed to the arts and other various types of entertainment and practice conversation versus communication and etiquette versus manners.​

All activities and programs are taken from one or more of the following phases:

  • Phase I – Self Identity

  • Phase II – Training

  • Phase III – Competition

  • Phase IV – Social

  • Phase V – Health Education​


To be a member of the Elite SJAC Kappa League please read and follow direction very carefully or your application will be rejected. 

Applicants should meet the following requirements set forth for consideration for admission into the Kappa Leadership Institute of the Elite SJAC and its Kappa League program:

  • Admission to the Kappa Leadership Institute of Stockbridge-Jonesboro is determined by a competitive process in which all applicants are required to submit a specific set of materials.  The competitive nature of the selection process does not permit the establishment of a pre-specified set of cut off of GPA or test scores but rather students who present the strongest combination of credentials are invited to apply.

  • Kappa Leadership Institute - utilizes an accomplishment-based selection process that incorporates performance and participation or leadership in extracurricular activities with more traditional indicators of talent such as test scores and grades. For this reason, students with the highest GPA and/or test scores may not emerge as the strongest applicants in the pool for the purpose of selection. Along with these criteria, demographic variables are considered to ensure a diverse student population.

  • If at the time of submitting his application, the applicant is a first semester freshman, he must provide his 7th and 8th grade grades, results and any other documentation that demonstrates that he has the potential to do academically well in middle school or high school.

  • All applicants must be in “good standing” at their current school and must be currently enrolled in or will be enrolled in a middle school or high school.

All young men interested in applying for admission into the Kappa Leadership Institute should register to attend our next "Informational Presentation." The informational presentation provides both the student and his parent/guardian an excellent opportunity to find out more about the Kappa Leadership Institute and able to meet current students in the program and their parents, as well as get answers to specific questions they may have about the program.

Once a student has decided that he wishes to apply for admission to the Kappa Leadership Institute he must then register for an "Admission Interview" and also download and complete the Admission Application.

Email will be delivered to inform of time and place of the  "Admission Interview Process." Interviews will start promptly at the time given and all young men wishing to interview must be present at 15min early.  The entire interview process takes 30min therefore, all young men interviewing must be prepared to stay until the end. Upon completing the admission interview registration process a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided sharing the address location of where the interviews will be held. To inform of the further process or date of the applicant orientation.​

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